Our state-of-the-art production machinery consists of 9 moulding machines (new and refurbished Arburg, Battenfeld), Koch-type hopper dryers, master mix dispensers, Frigel cooling equipment and temperers, dryers and other accessories. The acceptable weight limit is 100 g of thermoplastic material. In terms of raw materials, our company continuously produces products using PA6, PA6.6, PC, POM, PBT, PP, PE, PS and ABS.

A significant proportion of our products are incorporated into more complex components, particularly in the automotive sector, which has also seen a global focus on the increasing uptake of cleaner modes of operation.

The components we manufacture are used by our customers in various automotive components, such as cars from almost all the major automotive manufacturers (Volkswagen Group, Suzuki, Opel), as well as in household applications, where customers can find them on a daily basis, in picture frames, curtain holders and similar devices.